Yoga Class Descriptions

Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center offers a variety of healing, therapeutic, and active yoga classes.

Active Yoga – all levels
Encourages movement and the flow of blood and oxygen through the body. Balance and awareness are necessary in order to maintain an active lifestyle.

Basic Yoga for Beginnersgentle
The basic yoga class will be done at a gentle pace in order to learn the foundational poses of yoga – opening, standing, shoulder and hip exercises, inversions, twists, backwards and forward bends, salutations, and finishing poses. Students will learn about the principles of alignment and how to flow into the pose using breathing techniques. Instruction will include information on diet, clothing, yoga accessories and props, and how to avoid injuries. Complete relaxation and breathing techniques will be practiced. This basic class will teach how to prepare for yoga, what to expect, and how to take your practice into daily life.

Breath of Heart Yogaall levels
Open your heart into an expanding flow of energy with meditative Breath of Heart hatha yoga. Cultivate balance, strength, flexibility and prana with variations for practitioners at every level. Emphasis is on a strong spine, an open heart, and deep breathing.

Easy Does it Yogavery gentle
This class is a true beginner’s class or for those returning to yoga and wishing to slow down their pace. Focus is on breathing, balance, stretching, and releasing tension. Chair yoga is included with easy poses that can be done at work or home. This slower paced class offers a gentler flow, which aids in releasing muscles with gentle ease. Meditation and restorative yoga poses are included in each class for centering and calming the nervous system.

Flow Into Awareness Yogaall levels
Guidance is given to bring awareness of the moment(s) physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The flow at times is creatively lead from the heart, allowing one to venture and learn to feel this beauty and grace from within. Experience how acknowledgment of awareness of one’s being can grow spiritually.

Flow Yogagentle/intermediate
Invigorating active flow class. Move through asanas (postures) with fluidity and strength. Combines strength, balance, flexibility, and rest.

Gentle Awakening Yogagentle
A very gentle class for the experienced, beginner, injured, or one learning the meditative benefits of yoga. A theme for the day is often a part of this class. Explore how these themes relate to your own life situations.

Inner Strength Yogaintermediate/advanced
Flow with grace and dance in this class.  This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced yogi or yogini.  You are guided into a yogic flow sometimes holding the postures within the flow or moving from one pose to another. Meditative movement is the goal with building and finding your inner strength physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Meditations & Mudras – gentle
An exploration of the meaning of Mudra: how to practice mudra, significance of mudra, meditation on mudras, benefits of mudra, and yoga postures that are mudras of the body.

Rest & Restore Yogagentle

This class presents the opportunity to relax into poses without the effort and with the use of props. When the body is fully supported, your sense of relaxation and surrender is deeper. Please see Restorative Yoga description for more details.

Restorative Yogaw/reiki, very gentle
Restorative Yoga brings harmony to the body’s rhythms. It brings you to a state of “being,” not “doing,” while there is no movement, no effort, and the brain becomes quiet. Props are used to place the body in comfortable, relaxing poses. This enables the mind to clear, the breath to deepen, and the body to easily relax into balance. Restorative Yoga is the practice of deliberate stillness. This is when the healing begins.

Shin Rai Healing Circle – gentle

The two healing arts — hands on energy healing and intuitive healing — combined to open the body, mind, and spirit within oneself to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual awakening and awareness.

Spinal Movements as Inner Yogaall levels
Explore  the  role  of  the  spine  in  creating  that  inner  equilibrium  of  mind,  body  and  breath  which  is  the  goal  of  yoga.  This yoga is composed of gentle, subtle movements that restore awareness and vitality to the body and mind. The exercises are preceded by diaphragmatic breathing techniques that soothe and calm the nerves, leaving the body and mind in a mentally alert but relaxed state. The class concludes with Systematic Relaxation in Shavasana.

Spirit Guided Yoga with Essential Oils & Journaling - all levels
A deeper understanding of self opens us to a space of peace and contentment.  The Spirit Guided Yoga w/Essential Oils & Journaling class is guidance into postures with the intention of inspirational awakenings.  This class is exploration into the depths of our soul and being with progression towards wholeness within.  Journaling time is provided at the end of each class.  Bring a journal if you have one.

Strength & Balance Yogaall levels
Strength & Balance class shows us how our bodies are being toned with our active energy in almost every asana, and how the chakras are being balanced and toned as well.

ThaiSen™ Self-Healing Yoga - Gentle
A specialized collection of Self-Healing Yoga movements. ThaiSen™ is based on traditional Thai massage healing, which utilizes Sen Energy Lines and has been practiced inThailandfor centuries.

This class has been designed and developed by Sasha Bilar, a native of Thailand. Her great grandmother Mrs. Cloy Bodhiruk was a master of Thai massage during the reign of King Rama,V and she passed her family’s treasured techniques on to her young granddaughter.

Sasha’s goal in developing ThaiSen™ is to incorporate traditional Thai Yoga stretching in combination with self-acupressure to clear energy meridians (Sen). These Sen are of critical importance in Thai massage, which is structured around the body’s natural energy flow… powering all the physical, mental, and emotional processes. The ThaiSen™ process stimulates the Sen, freeing and releasing blocked or stagnant energy, offering a sensation of better health and improved well-being.

 ThaiSen™ Yoga is an excellent method of “do-it-yourself” physical therapy and body awareness as a holistic approach to self-healing.  The class is 90 minutes.  Bring a towel with you to class.

Yoga Explorationall levels
Explore your body and mind with yoga postures, breath and meditation. Emphasis is on alignment and self awareness for a safe practice.  Develop and maintain strength, flexibility and balance for health and well being.

Yoga for a Healthy Spinegentle/all levels
Stretch, strengthen, and sooth your spine in this gentle Hatha yoga class. This practice incorporates a combination of strengthen postures that engage the back and core muscles with stretching and relaxation postures that reduce tension in stress-carrying muscles. Improve your posture, balance, and body alignment by improving the health of your spine.

Class Key Descriptions

  • all levels – Focus on the classic poses, building on the basics with emphasis on alignment of the standing, sitting, and twisting poses. Detailed instruction will help you achieve a deeper reflection in asana and refine your relationship to your body with options to remain at one level or increase to the next.
  • gentle – Suitable for beginning students as well as experienced students who enjoy a gentler class. Develop body awareness, learn basic postures, and proper alignment. Learn how to sequence breath and movements, and become familiar with the connection to your physical and energetic body.
  • intermediate – Moderate level classes focus on alignment, holding of postures, and strengthening. Detailed instruction will work toward incorporating breath into yoga postures and finding your yogic “edge”. More challenging postures and our response to them will be explored.
  • advanced – Build on the foundation of gentle and intermediate classes with continued focus on the classic poses, emphasizing alignment of the standing, sitting, and twisting poses. This class will help you achieve a deeper reflection in asana and refine your relationship to your body through more challenging postures in motion (Vinyasa).
  • w/reiki – Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing that encourages a state of equilibrium, relaxation, and self-healing. Reiki touch therapy has similar effects as massage, relieving stress, pain, and symptoms of various health problems. It is performed hands on and hands off, to the agreement of the practitioner and student.