Yoga Teacher Training

About the Journey

ISY’s Yoga Teacher Training program is an educational and enlightening yoga journey. It is designed to enable it’s participants to absorb and comprehend the material covered in each course. We encourage each individual to explore, integrate, and express their own heart through the art of yoga. When the student is ready the teacher(s) will appear. When the teacher is ready the student(s) will appear.

When you enter this program, you are embarking on a very special life-changing journey. Our training is designed to give you the wisdom and the knowledge you need to both strengthen your own personal yoga practice and to become a poised, effective professional yoga teacher. Through the study and practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques, yogic philosophy, communication skills, meditation, nutrition and personal journaling, this training will give you a solid foundation on which to build your career in teaching yoga.

Inner Strength Yoga Teacher Training is an inspirational, heart-centered program that will enable you to find your own expression physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that you can share with others through your teaching and your very being. Throughout the training you will be encouraged to tap into and express your own creativity as you gain greater self-knowledge.

We offer Private Yoga Teacher Training Only.
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