Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center is a very peaceful and spiritual place with sound meditation, drums, and healing work. It caters to people with different needs, from Hatha Yoga to gentle and restorative Yoga for the less fortunate, for example Fibromyalga sufferers. The environment is safe and nurturing and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I enjoy my yoga practice there and look forward to my next visit.  

~Claudia M., Oceanside

I love my yoga practice at Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center.  There is a wonderful space to practice in.  The teachers are awesome and very knowledgeable in providing safe and progressive classes.  They provide a variety of classes to fit all needs whether it be, gentle and restorative or something more advanced.  At Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center there is a definite spiritual sense about the place and one leaves feeling very peaceful and satisfied.

~Kimmi M., Oceanside

I started taking Yoga in April, 2005 and wasn’t sure at all what to expect. I found myself in a room surrounded by people I mostly knew since they were all co-workers, and we all looked around the room, ready to be taken by Yoga.

We learned a lot in that first class on how to breathe and focus on movement, as well as making sure to come out of a pose if it became too difficult. Laurie, our instructor, showed great amounts of patience as well as concern for her students that they completed poses the right way and didn’t run risk of pulling muscles.

Two months ago, I stopped Yoga for a couple of different reasons, but not at all because I wanted to. I made the decision to cut back on a few of my own personal finance choices and had to say good-bye to Yoga for a little while.

In only 2 months, my entire world changed. I began to notice more intense mood swings and the way I was talking to people. I stopped challenging myself as much and became lazy. I was tired a lot and couldn’t find enough energy, even though I was working out at my company’s gym. (Free for all associates)

About 2 weeks ago, I ended up in the ER with severe pains in my upper abdomen. I was sure it was something serious and horrible and after a few tests were run, I learned it was Colitis. This is when the Large Intestine and Colon are inflamed, which is mainly caused from diet and stress. I was put on pain medicine as well as something to help with the digestive track. I knew that I’ve always been prone to stress and that I have an acidic stomach, but these things never bothered me half as much as the Colitis did.

My Mom asked me while we were in the ER if I was still doing Yoga and it was like a light went off in my head! I wasn’t and I was paying a price for it! The relaxation and the balance Yoga brings to a person was something my body craved! I learned quickly that I need to have this in my life or else my body will respond in ways I never want to feel again!

The new session of Yoga starts in less than a week and I have already paid my dues so that I can be there for my first class in 2 months! I’m excited to get back to feeling happy and content as well as relaxed and motivated! It never occurred to me that Yoga is the answer to making ones lifestyle the best it can be!

~Katherine Ribble

Something very significant shifted at a deep level within the safe surroundings and encouragement that Cindy and Laurie created during my Progressive Therapeutic Healing session. My releases have continued – some very big, some just twinkling awareness, and I feel a whole lot lighter in every good sense.


Progressive Therapeutic Healing (PTH) has helped clear away the mud so that the inner peaceful, loving energy deep inside can shine through. PTH is ahead of it’s time. This is advanced healing and the first step in disease prevention. PTH reaches into every cell of our bodies and releases the negative energy or emotions we’ve buried which cause our bodies to be in a constant state of fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) vs. healing (parasympathetic nervous system).