Spiritual Growth Classes

The energy at the second class of the six week Shin-Rai-Healing series “Embrace Your Life” was like coming home: welcoming, warm, and unwaveringly safe.  The theme is negative behaviors and patterns that are affecting your life today; certainly pervasive and destructive elements for me, and, I’m guessing, most people.  After individual discussion of last week’s Spiritual Lesson, we were guided through an integrative mediation.  We then journaled, delving into various aspects of the specific pattern or behavior meditated upon.  Bravely opening your heart to expose your pain to others in a healing environment is said to heal the Common Consciousness as well as yourself; so, you’re welcome, Common Consciousness…Cindy questioned, pushed, prodded, intuited and otherwise led us to insights garnered from our sometimes painful exploration of our answers.  Laurie funneled loving, gooey-hot, healing energy through us as she added her intuitive insight.  By the end of the night, we looked like bowling pins struck down willy-nilly, reclining in varying degrees of repose.  After beautiful gong music therapy, we went off into the night clutching our Spiritual Lessons for the coming week to reflect upon and journal about in preparation for next class.


This is my third Shin-Rai series; I’ve attended many healing circles and had a private session.  Laurie, Cindy and Shin-Rai literally changed the course of my life; absolutely altered for the better who and what I am.   Lovingly, tenaciously, sometimes using exasperated hand gestures, they drug me kicking and resisting from a cynical, neurotic, depressed, shutdown recluse into a fairly stable, albeit sometimes wobbly, work-in-progress healer.  Yeah, um, what??   I was unequivocally stunned and skeptical (and then maybe whiny and argumentative, for quite some time) when both Laurie and Cindy proclaimed that healing was my life gig.  Without them, I totally doubt that I would have discovered this truth, having spent near fifty years subjugating it   I’m still stunned sometimes, and there are still dark moments of doubt, despair and panic; but now those moments are mitigated by faith, hope and trust.   And, the many people that were in the Shin-Rai healing circles and classes each made their own contribution to my path in infinite ways by sharing their vulnerability, insights, tears and triumphs.   It’s been a meandering, roller-coaster ride of a road for sure, and I’m nowhere near that fabled land of bliss and Zen.  That’s why I’m so damn happy to be sweating and occasionally crying my way through this new quest into the nether regions of my soul and spirit with Laurie and Cindy and my fellow seekers;  truly, the deeper the darkness, the brighter the light that’s awaiting.

Find out more about Shin-Rai-Healing at www.shin-rai-healing.com.


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