Shin-Rai-Healing – Last Class of this Series – August 13, 2014

It’s our last class of the series; I sift through a symphony of thoughts, feelings, insights, and intentions prompted by meditation, queries and reflection.   For sure, I can define shifts made and lessons learned.  Like, fighting those beliefs/stories/ego mind games that persistently bind and choke you is futile, not unlike stomping on a deeply rooted weed.  Instead, to be fully released once and for all, you have to dig down deep and find the core, the source, and expose it to the light. That insight was epic.  I’m feeling a little more whole, have a little more clarity, am standing a little taller in my power.   I recognize where my attention and intentions would best be directed in the furthering of my place upon my path.  I feel such grace and gratitude; I am blessed to have been a part of this class, this group, in Laurie and Cindy’s unique, sacred space of Shin-Rai Healing.  Much love and thanks to you all.


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