Personal Empowerment Series is Amazing!

We continue to get amazing feedback from our Personal Empowerment Series through Shin-Rai-Healing and wanted to share this with you.  See what people are saying about this our series…….

“Ever since last Wednesday night I have been able to look at myself in the mirror and smile a lot!  I feel more self assured and self secure.  I like tapping into my inner strength”.  –S.W.

“The Shin-Rai-Healing course is hands down one of, if not the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.   Now that I’ve opened myself up to what’s being encouraged & taught, I’m experiencing amazing new positive changes in my life.  Best part is I’m not even half way through the course.”  –J.D.

This series has felt in complete alignment with everything that we do at Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center.  Cindy & I want to thank everyone who has shared their deepest feelings about our work.  It truly is an amazing journey, not only for our students, but all of us at the center as well.  We have been very blessed with guidance!

With Love & Gratitude to All,


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