Inspiration at it’s Finest!

Laurie’s explanation of how the theme for each week’s class for the Shin-Rai-Healing series was developed blew my metaphysical-loving mind:  Usually the day of the class, she meditates on what is the best topic for the highest good of the class as a whole.  ON THAT DAY; she said she’s tried, unsuccessfully, to discern this information even one day prior to class.   Parse the amazement of this: in essence, Laurie is tapping into Source, the Universe, All That Is, and asking what it is that you, as well as the people joining you in class, need to explore, examine, meditate on, journal about, right now.   I mean, you could not get a more deeply personal or relevant Spiritual Lesson than one the Divine whispered into Laurie’s ear scant hours ago, right?  And if she isn’t getting the impart, Cindy breezes in and says “Hey, you know what I feel…” and boom, ready to rock.  Add in the guidance Cindy routinely pulls out of the ether during class, and well, it’s fantastical and real and awesome.  Yeah, much like Cindy and Laurie.


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