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healing-heartFor years I have been helping people take action in their lives through classes, workshops, healing, meditation, yoga, and health or life coaching.  I thrive on watching people reach their optimum potential.  Watching people stay in action through their journey warms my heart and fulfills them in so many aspects in their life.  Having guidance from a professional life coach can really help us to consistently move forward in life.  It’s having an accountability partner.  Whether someone seeks out a coach for career, health, well-being, spiritual growth, relationships, it brings so many rewards and brings balance to our lives in mind, body, and spirit.  Explore your true self and the possibilities that await you!

If you or someone you know is curious or interested in making a commitment to living a quality life, I would love to discuss options that are available to you. Call  Laurie Mort at (760) 822-1348 or email me at


I was in a very difficult situation in my life when Laurie introduced me to health coaching. She helped me appreciate myself, deal with my issues and confront them in order to move on with my life and to be happy again. I’m in a much better place now emotionally, mentally and physically.
I am so extremely grateful to her for all that she’s done for me.  I couldn’t have done it without Laurie’s love, support, and healing powers.  Thank you so much!!! — Julie Cruz

I believe that Laurie is an excellent health coach, teacher, and collaborator. Her desire to assist people on their quest for personal improvement is obvious in her loving methods and her compassionate manner.  I benefited from her enthusiasm, intelligence & structured presentation of pertinent information. The methods she used to present and reinforce all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle were presented in an organized fashion and were relevant to my personal health.  During my acquaintance with Laurie I have observed her to be efficient, professional, creative, and an amazing leader.  I highly recommend her as a Health Coach.  —Libby Knapp

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