What is Shin-Rai-Healing?

A new healing modality created by healer Laurie Mort and psychic intuitive Cindy Marks, Shin-Rai-Healing (SRH) is an innovative and advanced healing technique that involves integration of hands on energy – reiki and healing touch – with intuitive healing. Two healing art forms are combined to facilitate and open the body, mind, and spirit.

Benefits of Shin-Rai-Healing

  • Open to possibilities of profound awakening
  • Bring forth transformation, healing and self-empowerment
  • Recognize and open to physical and emotional blocks in order to release
  • A higher energy source is embraced for awareness and healing

Private Sessions

To schedule a private healing session with Laurie and Cindy, please contact us.

Purchase Private Sessions Online

Cost $150 per session (60 min)

No Refunds

Group Healing

Shin-Rai-Healing Circle
This SRH Circle consists of theĀ integrationĀ of hands on energy healing, and intuitive healing techniques to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual awakening and awareness. The two healing arts combined, facilitate to open the body, mind and spirit within oneself. Clarity, physical and emotional blocks are recognized, acknowledged, opened and released. A higher energy source is embraced for healing of the soul. Reclaim lost parts of the inner child and/or true nature from the present, past, or past lives to bring forth transformation, healing and empowering experiences.

Cost: $25 per person (120 minutes)

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