Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily stretch in.  Shoes are taken off entering the studio. Refrain from wearing or using perfume, cologne, essential oils, heavily scented shampoos or soaps in consideration of those who suffer from allergies or are highly sensitive to smells.

Can I wear jewelry?
It is requested that you not wear jewelry during class. It can disrupt your practice and possibly those around you.

Do I need to bring anything to class?
Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center is equipped with many yoga props for students to use during class. If you have your own yoga mat, great! If not, you can borrow one of ours. We do not charge a fee for use of our mats.

Do I need to pre-register for class?
There is no need to pre-register or pre-pay for the regular weekly yoga classes, unless otherwise posted. Simply make it to class a few minutes early to complete new student paperwork and/or make payment.

Do I need to inform my yoga instructor of injuries, illnesses, health concerns or special needs?
It is very important to inform your yoga instructor of past/present injuries, illnesses, health concerns or special needs. Our staff is trained specifically to attend to these concerns. If they are not informed of what your needs or concerns are, they cannot help you in your practice. It is our goal to ensure safety in all of our classes.  The instructor cannot feel your body in a posture. It is the student’s responsibility to express any discomforts in postures that simply do not feel right for them. It is our mission to create only positive experiences for the student. In order to create this, good communication is key.

Can I eat before coming to my yoga class?
It is recommended to avoid eating one to two hours prior to class. If you must eat, simply eat a light snack.

Can I arrive late to my class?
As a courtesy to your fellow students and your teacher, please make every attempt to arrive on time. If you are late, enter and quietly set up your mat.

Is it okay to leave early from class?
As a courtesy to the instructor, inform them if you need to leave class earlier than the scheduled time. We ask that you make every attempt to leave quietly to not disrupt anyone in their special moment in class.

Is there anything I should know or do after class?
Drink plenty of water after your yoga class. This helps flush toxins from your body as they are released through your practice.