Fourth Week of the Trust & Embrace your Life Series

In my opinion what makes the Shin-Rai-Healing series classes such a valuable complement to private sessions are the insights, pains and gains shared by the students, under guidance and healing by Laurie and Cindy.  A random remark or off-the-cuff comment; a story of triumph; a relating of a challenge; sometimes it is the most unassuming words that make the biggest impact when it’s most needed.  Because we’re brought together through Divine design, we can all relate to some aspect of each other or our situations.  Quietly, respectfully, we share in each other’s happiness, are buoyed by success and growth in another, and commiserate when dark clouds have drowned someone’s rainbow.  It is healing simply by virtue of discovering you are not alone in trudging the myriad hilltops and impasses of your wandering life path.


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