Emanating Peace

In this week’s class, we were taken on a meditative journey deep within, accompanied by energetic assistance and guidance.  I was enchanted by the vision I encountered; a vision so vivid and strong I was inundated with feelings which were vibrantly confirmed by every heightened sense.  I was transported to a Me as a glowing WHOLE person; emanating peace, vibrating love, one with myself and all.  Everything I have vainly struggled towards for, well, a lifetime.  Far surpassing hopeful and maybe-some-day, this Me was not just visiting but living in and beingthe elusive Garden of Serenity.  I wallowed in that miraculous place, sucking up every ion of bliss I could.   And, I’m still rockin’ that Zen-ish vibe, to my immense delight.  Cuz usually there’s a voice of doom circling this sweet spot of peace; lurking, menacing, like a gliding Great White or maybe Satan on rollerblades; a dark presence pulsing against the tenuous boundary, relentlessly seeking entry.  Now, not so much; now the sweet spot feels more like a state of being rather than a fleeting oasis so desperately sought and rarely found.  Grateful doesn’t begin to convey my heartfelt thanks…


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