ISY Instructor Featured in Woman’s Day Magazine


Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center is honored to have so many compassionate, nurturing, and healing focused instructors. We operate from the belief that all healing begins within, and are each an example of this philosophy and lifestyle approach in our own ways. You can see it reflected in our class offerings and our monthly workshops and special events. And even in a national magazine!

In the April 2007 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine, ISY instructor Dannette Rusnak was featured in the article The New Normal: Moving Beyond Illness. After suffering a traumatic head trauma and brain injury in 1996, Dannette’s health began began deteriorating and she was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia She spent the next 13 years coming to terms with her new normal. It was only after making several lifestyle changes, which include the gentle and healing practice of yoga, that her symptoms began to improve.

From Dannette:

I will never forget my first gentle yoga practice and instructor. After 13 years of limited mobility and immense pain, I was hesitant to move my body at all. She guided me to listen to and honor my body, letting my practice meet me exactly where I was, but also to find my edge, or as the Rumi poems says – do not move the way fear makes you move. I remember feeling the positive benefits of that one class for days after, and a new love and life purpose was born.

It is that same love and life purpose Dannette brings with her in each class she teaches. To see a complete list of Dannette’s classes and all of the other wonderful instructors and classes offered at ISY, please visit our Yoga Schedule page.