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healing-heartFor years I have been helping people take action in their lives through classes, workshops, healing, meditation, yoga, and health or life coaching.  I thrive on watching people reach their optimum potential.  Watching people stay in action through their journey warms my heart and fulfills them in so many aspects in their life.  Having guidance from a professional life coach can really help us to consistently move forward in life.  It’s having an accountability partner.  Whether someone seeks out a coach for career, health, well-being, spiritual growth, relationships, it brings so many rewards and brings balance to our lives in mind, body, and spirit.  Explore your true self and the possibilities that await you!

If you or someone you know is curious or interested in making a commitment to living a quality life, I would love to discuss options that are available to you. Call  Laurie Mort at (760) 822-1348 or email me at


I was in a very difficult situation in my life when Laurie introduced me to health coaching. She helped me appreciate myself, deal with my issues and confront them in order to move on with my life and to be happy again. I’m in a much better place now emotionally, mentally and physically.
I am so extremely grateful to her for all that she’s done for me.  I couldn’t have done it without Laurie’s love, support, and healing powers.  Thank you so much!!! — Julie Cruz

I believe that Laurie is an excellent health coach, teacher, and collaborator. Her desire to assist people on their quest for personal improvement is obvious in her loving methods and her compassionate manner.  I benefited from her enthusiasm, intelligence & structured presentation of pertinent information. The methods she used to present and reinforce all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle were presented in an organized fashion and were relevant to my personal health.  During my acquaintance with Laurie I have observed her to be efficient, professional, creative, and an amazing leader.  I highly recommend her as a Health Coach.  —Libby Knapp

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Shin-Rai-Healing – Last Class of this Series – August 13, 2014

It’s our last class of the series; I sift through a symphony of thoughts, feelings, insights, and intentions prompted by meditation, queries and reflection.   For sure, I can define shifts made and lessons learned.  Like, fighting those beliefs/stories/ego mind games that persistently bind and choke you is futile, not unlike stomping on a deeply rooted weed.  Instead, to be fully released once and for all, you have to dig down deep and find the core, the source, and expose it to the light. That insight was epic.  I’m feeling a little more whole, have a little more clarity, am standing a little taller in my power.   I recognize where my attention and intentions would best be directed in the furthering of my place upon my path.  I feel such grace and gratitude; I am blessed to have been a part of this class, this group, in Laurie and Cindy’s unique, sacred space of Shin-Rai Healing.  Much love and thanks to you all.


So much Gratitude……

Wow Rynn!  This is amazing!  Thank you for reminding me how deep & spiritually aligned Shin-Rai-Healing & it’s classes are.  Thank you for this moment to pause to know & feel that this is truly healing for personal empowerment.  Cindy & I are so blessed to have guidance from the Divine, as well as our students.  Our students are our best teachers.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Inspiration at it’s Finest!

Laurie’s explanation of how the theme for each week’s class for the Shin-Rai-Healing series was developed blew my metaphysical-loving mind:  Usually the day of the class, she meditates on what is the best topic for the highest good of the class as a whole.  ON THAT DAY; she said she’s tried, unsuccessfully, to discern this information even one day prior to class.   Parse the amazement of this: in essence, Laurie is tapping into Source, the Universe, All That Is, and asking what it is that you, as well as the people joining you in class, need to explore, examine, meditate on, journal about, right now.   I mean, you could not get a more deeply personal or relevant Spiritual Lesson than one the Divine whispered into Laurie’s ear scant hours ago, right?  And if she isn’t getting the impart, Cindy breezes in and says “Hey, you know what I feel…” and boom, ready to rock.  Add in the guidance Cindy routinely pulls out of the ether during class, and well, it’s fantastical and real and awesome.  Yeah, much like Cindy and Laurie.


Fourth Week of the Trust & Embrace your Life Series

In my opinion what makes the Shin-Rai-Healing series classes such a valuable complement to private sessions are the insights, pains and gains shared by the students, under guidance and healing by Laurie and Cindy.  A random remark or off-the-cuff comment; a story of triumph; a relating of a challenge; sometimes it is the most unassuming words that make the biggest impact when it’s most needed.  Because we’re brought together through Divine design, we can all relate to some aspect of each other or our situations.  Quietly, respectfully, we share in each other’s happiness, are buoyed by success and growth in another, and commiserate when dark clouds have drowned someone’s rainbow.  It is healing simply by virtue of discovering you are not alone in trudging the myriad hilltops and impasses of your wandering life path.


Emanating Peace

In this week’s class, we were taken on a meditative journey deep within, accompanied by energetic assistance and guidance.  I was enchanted by the vision I encountered; a vision so vivid and strong I was inundated with feelings which were vibrantly confirmed by every heightened sense.  I was transported to a Me as a glowing WHOLE person; emanating peace, vibrating love, one with myself and all.  Everything I have vainly struggled towards for, well, a lifetime.  Far surpassing hopeful and maybe-some-day, this Me was not just visiting but living in and beingthe elusive Garden of Serenity.  I wallowed in that miraculous place, sucking up every ion of bliss I could.   And, I’m still rockin’ that Zen-ish vibe, to my immense delight.  Cuz usually there’s a voice of doom circling this sweet spot of peace; lurking, menacing, like a gliding Great White or maybe Satan on rollerblades; a dark presence pulsing against the tenuous boundary, relentlessly seeking entry.  Now, not so much; now the sweet spot feels more like a state of being rather than a fleeting oasis so desperately sought and rarely found.  Grateful doesn’t begin to convey my heartfelt thanks…


Spiritual Growth Classes

The energy at the second class of the six week Shin-Rai-Healing series “Embrace Your Life” was like coming home: welcoming, warm, and unwaveringly safe.  The theme is negative behaviors and patterns that are affecting your life today; certainly pervasive and destructive elements for me, and, I’m guessing, most people.  After individual discussion of last week’s Spiritual Lesson, we were guided through an integrative mediation.  We then journaled, delving into various aspects of the specific pattern or behavior meditated upon.  Bravely opening your heart to expose your pain to others in a healing environment is said to heal the Common Consciousness as well as yourself; so, you’re welcome, Common Consciousness…Cindy questioned, pushed, prodded, intuited and otherwise led us to insights garnered from our sometimes painful exploration of our answers.  Laurie funneled loving, gooey-hot, healing energy through us as she added her intuitive insight.  By the end of the night, we looked like bowling pins struck down willy-nilly, reclining in varying degrees of repose.  After beautiful gong music therapy, we went off into the night clutching our Spiritual Lessons for the coming week to reflect upon and journal about in preparation for next class.


This is my third Shin-Rai series; I’ve attended many healing circles and had a private session.  Laurie, Cindy and Shin-Rai literally changed the course of my life; absolutely altered for the better who and what I am.   Lovingly, tenaciously, sometimes using exasperated hand gestures, they drug me kicking and resisting from a cynical, neurotic, depressed, shutdown recluse into a fairly stable, albeit sometimes wobbly, work-in-progress healer.  Yeah, um, what??   I was unequivocally stunned and skeptical (and then maybe whiny and argumentative, for quite some time) when both Laurie and Cindy proclaimed that healing was my life gig.  Without them, I totally doubt that I would have discovered this truth, having spent near fifty years subjugating it   I’m still stunned sometimes, and there are still dark moments of doubt, despair and panic; but now those moments are mitigated by faith, hope and trust.   And, the many people that were in the Shin-Rai healing circles and classes each made their own contribution to my path in infinite ways by sharing their vulnerability, insights, tears and triumphs.   It’s been a meandering, roller-coaster ride of a road for sure, and I’m nowhere near that fabled land of bliss and Zen.  That’s why I’m so damn happy to be sweating and occasionally crying my way through this new quest into the nether regions of my soul and spirit with Laurie and Cindy and my fellow seekers;  truly, the deeper the darkness, the brighter the light that’s awaiting.

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Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center is rocking this summer!

We have a variety of workshops and classes coming in July & August! Our next upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will be posted onto the website very soon.

Watch for new six and eight week series of yoga & Shin-Rai-Healing classes coming as well.  Our Shin-Rai-Healing Practitioner training will be open soon for sign ups.

We have an amazing group of instructors and healers!   Thank you everyone for your ever loving support!

Warmest Always,
Laurie Mort


Personal Empowerment Series is Amazing!

We continue to get amazing feedback from our Personal Empowerment Series through Shin-Rai-Healing and wanted to share this with you.  See what people are saying about this our series…….

“Ever since last Wednesday night I have been able to look at myself in the mirror and smile a lot!  I feel more self assured and self secure.  I like tapping into my inner strength”.  –S.W.

“The Shin-Rai-Healing course is hands down one of, if not the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.   Now that I’ve opened myself up to what’s being encouraged & taught, I’m experiencing amazing new positive changes in my life.  Best part is I’m not even half way through the course.”  –J.D.

This series has felt in complete alignment with everything that we do at Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center.  Cindy & I want to thank everyone who has shared their deepest feelings about our work.  It truly is an amazing journey, not only for our students, but all of us at the center as well.  We have been very blessed with guidance!

With Love & Gratitude to All,


Yoga Retreat in Idyllwild

Retreat into Beauty, Tranquility, Peace, & Nature

Three Day Mountain Valley Retreat

June 7-9, 2013
Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Join us for a three-day retreat in the harmonious mountains of Idyllwild, CA. Connect to likeminded people as you deepen your connection to Self. We will spend our days in the beauty of nature, and the serenity of Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center – with scheduled activities as well as time on your own for those seeking solitude. Activities and experiences include:

  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Lodging
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Healing sessions
  • Guided visualizations
  • Life purpose workshops
  • Essence discovery
  • Connection to Self and Others

Yokoji Retreat Center

YRC is part of an accredited Zen Buddhist training facility. The center is set up on ecological principles. To support their simple accommodations, retreat participants must bring their own pillows, sleeping bags, sheets and/or blankets.


$395 per person (includes $150 non-refundable deposit), for shared room accommodations.

Please prepay by 4/1/13

* Enroll by March 1, 2013 to receive a 20% discount, making the final cost $316

To register complete the form on the events page,
or for questions, contact Laurie Mort:
phone: (760) 822-1348


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