Teacher Bios

In addition to the nurturing and healing teachings of studio owner Laurie Mort, Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center offers many heart-centered and healing focused yoga instructors.

Mary - Yoga Instructor ~ Yoga Teacher TrainingMary, E-RYT 500

Yoga Instructor ~ Yoga Teacher Training

Mary Griffith received her Hatha Yoga certificate from Yoga Alliance accredited director, Cindy Gibbons in 2000. She has since helped develop and instruct a Teacher Training program and teaches ongoing classes at Inner Strength Yoga and Healing Center.

She includes meditation and breath awareness to maximize benefits of the physical practice.  She is inspired by a student’s dedication to regularly attend yoga classes.

Mary is author of “Heart Wide Open, Inspirational Poems for Healing” 2004 and “Wings of Freedom, Poems from the Heart” 2009.

Yoga is a continuing journey to know oneself, accept oneself, and love oneself.  From this, healing is possible. ~Mary

Mary’s Favorites

Asana: Tadasana or Mountain Pose
I value Tadasana because it is the foundation of all the other poses. It reminds me to feel grounded and centered in class and in everyday life.

Book: The Silent Miracle, by Ron Rathbun
My favorite book is The Silent Miracle by Ron W. Rathbun because it holds truth and a way to heal ourselves.

QuoteYour mind has the ability to perceive every answer to every question you could possibly imagine. You just have to look. ~Ron Rathbun

Candi Hart - Yoga InstructorCandi

Yoga Instructor

Even as a child Candi enjoyed dance and physical movement, moving into ballroom dancing and aerobics as an adult. In the early 1980’s Candi began her spiritual practice of going away for 3 day meditation retreats twice a year.  Shortly thereafter she began taking yoga classes. As yoga combines physical exercise and meditation it has become her life’s passion, helping her through several major life challenges.

In 2009 Candi retired after 30 years as a computer business software consultant and became certified as a yoga teacher. Candi’s yoga classes emphasize the flow of energy through the body, encouraging each student to be aware of their own rhythms and experience their natural vitality.

She is registered with the Yoga Alliance and expects to be teaching and practicing yoga the rest of her life.  Candi and her husband still enjoy West Coast Swing dancing and her daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandchildren in Encinitas.

Candi’s Favorites

Asana: Salabhasana or Locust Pose
My favorite pose is the Locust because it is so strengthening for the back – so we won’t hunch over as we age!

Dannette - Yoga Instructor ~ Reiki PractitionerDannette

Yoga Instructor ~ Reiki Practitioner

Dannette was introduced to yoga after a serious injury sidelined her from her previously active life. The practices of Gentle and Restorative Yoga nourished and healed her body while awakening her mind and spirit – and a new passion was born. Dannette’s desire to share the healing benefits of yoga led her to study with Lynda Light at Light and Love Yoga School where she received her 200 and 500 hour YTT certification. In her commitment to continue her understanding and advance her own personal practice, Dannette regularly attends workshops, classes, and events focused on therapeutic and healing yoga practices.

Dannette believes the power of yoga lies in the tradition’s integral understanding of the mind-body relationship. Yoga quiets the mind and creates body awareness in a way that allows healing to occur. Dannette is committed to explore and utilize the many self-empowering tools of yoga to enhance, maintain, and restore the health and well-being of all her students.

Dannette’s Favorites

Asana: Vriksasana or Tree Pose
I love the harmony of strength with ease ~ balance with movement ~ and focus with peace I feel in tree pose. Somedays I sway in the pose, and other days I feel like I could stay planted in it for hours.

Yoga Book: Yoga Beyond Belief, by Ganga White
Yoga Beyond Belief offers approaches to yoga that open possibilities for deep and liberating transformations of the self. It is an enlightening and meaningful read for students of all levels and abilities. Easy to digest, and hard to put down.

Quote: Yoga is not a goal at all – it is a lifelong process of living and learning that nurtures our being and that enriches the quality of our days… We have our entire lifetimes. ~Ganga White

Jayashree - Yoga InstructorJayashree

Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in India, Jayashree came to the US in 2001. She started her career here as a Montessori teacher, but was deeply engaged in her spiritual journey in which yoga played a major role. Initiated at the age of 15 in Rishikesh, India she grew up in a family where spiritual values were the norm. She read Patanjali’s yoga and studied Sanskrit in school. Breathing techniques and  regular meditation were a daily practice.

Jayashree was formally trained as yoga teacher in the Himalayan tradition after she chose to change her career path in 2011. She offers Joints and Glands yoga, Mudra and Meditation classes at the center since the beginning of 2012, and will be starting a Basic Yoga for Beginners class soon.

A traveler at heart, she travels to India every year and visits places of spiritual significance.

Jayashree’s Favorites

Asana: Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall Pose
Legs Up the Wall has many benefits besides being the most relaxing posture. It is very good for thyroid and nourishes the brain. It strengthens the upper body, improves digestion and elimination. It helps insomnia, and is soothing, energising and nurturing.

BookYoga As Medicine, by Timothy McCall
This book is focused on healing, very comprehensive, and addresses most major ailments in a concise and interesting manner.

QuoteYoga is known as the disconnection of the connection with suffering. ~Bhagavad Gita (6.23)


Psychic Intuitive & Reiki Master

For over 30 years Cindy Marks has been a gifted psychic and intuitive for the past, present and future. She has worked on missing persons cases and does medical and emotional healing. Cindy has provided help to hundreds of people in many ways: communication with the dead, communication with people in comas, communication with people’s spirits, locating missing people, help with relationships, help with career decisions & predicting future events.  She is also a Reiki and Shin-Rai-Healing Master.