Teacher Bios

Candi Hart - Yoga InstructorCandi

Yoga Instructor

Even as a child Candi enjoyed dance and physical movement, moving into ballroom dancing and aerobics as an adult. In the early 1980’s Candi began her spiritual practice of going away for 3 day meditation retreats twice a year.  Shortly thereafter she began taking yoga classes. As yoga combines physical exercise and meditation it has become her life’s passion, helping her through several major life challenges.

In 2009 Candi retired after 30 years as a computer business software consultant and became certified as a yoga teacher. Candi’s yoga classes emphasize the flow of energy through the body, encouraging each student to be aware of their own rhythms and experience their natural vitality.

She is registered with the Yoga Alliance and expects to be teaching and practicing yoga the rest of her life.  Candi and her husband still enjoy West Coast Swing dancing and her daughter, son-in-law and 5 grandchildren in Encinitas.

Candi’s Favorites

Asana: Salabhasana or Locust Pose
My favorite pose is the Locust because it is so strengthening for the back – so we won’t hunch over as we age!

Karen SalingerKaren

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practicioner, and Sound Healer

I am a passionate instructor who believes yoga is a wonderful tool for healing and supporting the heart center to stay open to new experiences. I enjoy sharing the knowledge and the healing benefits yoga can bring to everyone. My classes include flowing movements blended with restorative poses and Reiki energy healing. I utilize the Alchemy Crystal bowls to bring deep healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

After a career as Hospital Social Worker, Karen decided to change directions in her profession to become a yoga teacher and healer. Her personal Yoga and meditation practice has been a wonderful tool in provide self-healing from the emotional toll of being a caregiver. Karen is a certified yoga instructor who is registered with Yoga Alliance. She is a level III Reiki practitioner and has trained under Ashana a renowned Crystal bowl master in the art of using Alchemy bowls for deep healing. Karen is committed to assisting students to empower themselves with the tools yoga offers to overcome obstacles and embrace life to their fullest expression!



Shin-Rai-Healing Co-Founder & Master, Psychic Intuitive & Reiki Master

For over 30 years Cindy Marks has been a gifted psychic and intuitive for the past, present and future. She has worked on missing persons cases and does medical and emotional healing. Cindy has provided help to hundreds of people in many ways: communication with the dead, communication with people in comas, communication with people’s spirits, locating missing people, help with relationships, help with career decisions & predicting future events.  She is also a Reiki and Shin-Rai-Healing Master.