Peaceful Living ~ Spiritual Growth ~ Healing From Within

Inner Strength Yoga & Healing Center is a safe, peaceful haven away from the stresses of day-to-day life. We operate from the belief that all healing begins within and offer a variety of yoga classes and healing services to support you on your personal journey.

Studio owner Laurie Mort was guided by her own recovery process to create a healing and nurturing space for spiritual growth and personal transformation. Passionate about her life’s purpose, Laurie inspires her teachers, clients, and students to embrace their bodies own ability to nurture and heal from within.

Under Laurie’s guidance, the instructors at Inner Strength lead with compassion, emphasize quality over quantity, and observe and listen without judgment. Our intention is that each student and client leaves with value and tools they can incorporate into their day to day lives, improving their state of mind and overall wellbeing.

Hatha yoga is the primary style of yoga practiced at Inner Strength, and focuses on the path toward wellness through physical, mental, and spiritual means by combining postures (asana) with breath work (pranayama) to energize the body. Most classes are gentle in style, while still challenging and encouraging each student to find and explore their personal edge. In this gentle and non-competitive environment, students are able to grow and explore at their own rate with the support of our compassionate and knowledgeable instructors.

A variety of healing services and community support programs are offered at Inner Strength to compliment and enhance your peaceful, spiritual, and healing experience. Reiki Healing, Yoga Therapy, and Progressive Therapeutic Healing are a few of the services we offer. We also offer cancer patients free yoga, meditation classes, and group support with healing sessions.